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We encourage more members of the Brentwood Rod & Gun Club to qualify as Range Safety Officer at the Multi-Purpose range facility.  Having more RSO's means that we'll be able to shoot there more often, in better conditions than at the public range.  
The Multi-Purpose Range (MPR) is an excellent facility, reserved for club members, and run by club members.  Check the MPR schedule linked on the "Calendar" page.  
Follow the instructions below to become a qualified Range Safety Officer for this facilty.  Please note that one needs to be member of the club for at lest two years before qualifying as RSO

Qualify and get the Range Safety Officer card for the MPR Range

To qualify as RSO at the U.S.I.'s MPR you will need to take the NRA's Basic Range Safety Officer Course, pass the NRA test for this course, and also take a familiarization course about the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the MPR.  Both these training courses will be done in one day, and will take the most part of that day.

Subsequently, you will also required to be present one day at the MPR while another RSO is operating the range, for observation and further familiarization.  

When these requirements are met, you will receive an RSO certificate/card from the NRA and an RSO card specifically for the MPR from USI, after which you will be able to open and operate the MPR, following its Standard Operating Procedure.

To begin this process call Steve McConnell, U.S.I. Operation Manager,  tell him your full name and the name of your club (Brentwood Rod & Gun) and ask to be considered for the next available RSO training.  

Steve McConnell, U.S.I. Operations Manager - Telephone: (925) 437.1908   

Please note that the U.S.I. Range Safety Officer card thus obtained is valid only at the U.S.I.'s Multi-Purpose Range, only on Club Days and when no special events are taking place, as shown in the MPR schedule.

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