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The Brentwood Rod & Gun Club is dedicated to the safe
and responsible practice of shooting sports, hunting, and fishing, and to  the preservation of our rights under the 
Second Amendment of our Constitution. 
To this aim, Brentwood Rod & Gun Club is affiliated with the NRA through the NRA's Clubs & Associations Program.

Rifle & Pistol Range
and MPR Updates:

Rifle and Pistol Range:

The NEW Rifle and Pistol Range is now open, including for the public!
Check out the
site for schedule and new rules! 

 MPR Range:



 We're located in the Bay Area of Northern California.  Our club is part owner of, and functions at, the United Sportsmen Inc. (U.S.I.) of Concord, California.  U.S.I., a non-profit organization, owns and operates a modern, large shooting sports facility, most of the time open also to the public.  Facilities for Rifle and Pistol, Skeet, Trap, Five-Stand, Action Pistol, Air Guns and more, are available.  Safe handling of firearms is observed throughout the shooting facility ranges, as well as mandatory hearing and eye protection.  The instructions of the respective rangemasters must be followed immediately and their decisions are final. Our club holds meetings most every month for discussing the on-going club-related activities of our members, and annual meetings for the election of the President, Directors, and other officers of the club.  We welcome new members.  To learn how you can become a member of the Brentwood Rod & Gun Club, follow the "Membership" link at top. Or, follow the "Location" and "USI" links above, to get information on where the shooting sports facility is, the rules and the schedules of various ranges.



"California Musketeers"  Youth Program organized by:
Diablo Rod and Gun Club.
California Musketeers shotgun program: Sign-up Sheet Here
Hunter Education at USI:  Online Review Courses - Schedule
Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Events - Impalement Arts
Find more info on the Diablo Rod & Gun Club Web Site

Brentwood Rod & Gun Club Newsletters:
Older Newsletters are linked on this page 
Multi Purpose Range - Qualify as Range Safety Officer 
Members of the Brentwood Rod and Gun Club who have been club members for at least two years  
and want to obtain the qualification and card of RSO for the Multi-Purpose Range, please 
We need more qualified RSO's in order to make the best use of an excellent U.S.I. facility.

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